August 16, 2011

Tuesday - A Subtle Sign from my Son

Little Bit was playing with the Wii remote this afternoon and accidentally played one of the work out videos in my instant que.  I decided to take it as a message from my son {and God since I did ask for help in my prayers this morning} and stop what I was doing to get 10 minutes of yoga in.  I found that just 10 minutes had me shaking and sweating and that I really like this instructor.  Her voice is soothing yet still easy to understand, and her instructions are simple enough for the yoga beginner.  She explained the yoga terms in a way that I could follow without having to break pose and see what she was doing.  If you have Netflix I highly suggest you try out 10 Minute Solutions: Yoga guided by Lara Hudson.  If I'm going to be honest, I don't know if I'll be doing this routine everyday, but I will definitely be turning to it more often.  However, right now I need a shower! :0P

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