August 9, 2011

Tuesday - Made It Two Days

Well I made it two whole days without tracking my food but I don't think I can do it any longer.  This experiment has proved that I am still thinking of food for the majority of the day so it isn't the tracking that is my problem.  Also, I've been snacking more and reaching for sweets more.  I have decided that if I don't want to undo all the work I've been doing this last month on Weight Watchers I need to go ahead and begin tracking my food again. Not tracking works really well for some of the ladies in my group, but I have discovered that it's a tool I need to stay on track.  So today I will begin tracking my food again.  I think it was a good lesson to learn and I'm glad I gave it a try.

My big hurdle now is to add more exercise.  I need to be deliberately working out each and every day.  Yesterday I got up and did some step for about 15 minutes while I watched Project Runway on DVD.  I know it did me some good because this morning I woke up hungry.  That only happens when I've got my metabolism working where it ought to be.  Right now we are working on getting Little Bit into a pre-preschool to help him with his social and speech delays.  That will free up two hours in the afternoons Monday-Thursday.  I can use that time to alternate between weight lifting and swimming at the gym while he's in school each day.  Then I can rest on Friday, swim for fun with the whole family on Saturday, and rest again on Sunday.  Until he gets admitted and enrolled I'll just have to keep finding ways to work out at home.  I have plenty of work out videos on instant netflix, both low impact yoga and high energy cardio.  I just need to make myself get up and get moving to one.

My ultimate plan is to wake up, do my daily devotional, get at least 15 minutes of cardio before LB wakes up in the morning, get him up, fix/eat breakfast with LB and my honey, send my honey off to work and play with LB until lunch time.  Eat lunch with the family, take my sweetie back to work, drop LB off at his half day school, go to the gym, grab a shower and apply my skin tightening lotion, pick up the hubby and baby, come home for dinner, go through LB's night time routine, and do some relaxing yoga before heading up to bed.  Phew!  That seems like a lot to do each day, but I know it's possible.  I'll just have to use my rest days to work on the house and get boxes unpacked.  I'll be one busy woman... but at least I won't have time to think about food!

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