I Gained. Now What?

Everyone who strives to lose weight and live a healthy life will have set backs.  We all know those days when the scale tells us, despite all our best efforts, or sometimes the lack there of, we have gained weight back that was so hard to lose in the first place.  Well next time that happens, tell your scale "oh well...now what?" and move on.  Here are some tips I've discovered to help keep you on track throughout the set backs.

Don't get discouraged - Maybe you drank extra water or ate a lot of fruit which can account for a gain, or maybe you just blew it and ate the entire chocolate cake.  Oh well, it's okay.  I am sure that cake was yummy and now you've learned to have a little slice instead of the whole thing.  Don't throw in the towel simply because you gained back some weight.  All that will do is make you gain even more and that is the opposite of what we want!

Increase Fruits and Veggies - Sure, fruits are high in sugar and veggies can be starchy, but they are much better for you than some other sweet or processed food you might want to grab.  Your body does need some sugar and starch to keep functioning properly and those fruits and veggies are also packed full of vitamins and fiber.  Fiber keeps you fuller longer and people who eat a good amount of fiber a day are less likely to be overweight.

Schedule Work Outs Ahead of Time - We all need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Scheduling it into your daily routine keeps you accountable and consistent.  It doesn't have to be running or lifting weights if you don't want.  Even vacuuming the house, especially the stairs, can be a good workout as long as you get your heart rate elevated and keep it there.  You can even dance around in your living room if you want to.  Just get moving and get your heart pumping!