June 22, 2013

Saturday - A Lot Can Happen

Wow! A lot can happen in a year!  Guess what happened not 3 months after the miscarriage?

 And of course I expanded a bit in the process...

 Here she is! 9lbs of cuteness!

Mmmm taste the rainbow...

 She even won a beauty pageant recently.  She's now 6 months old.

         Unfortunately, my pregnancy with our little princess was not an easy one.  I was doing so great this go around except for the horrible nausea and heartburn.  But then around 30 weeks my blood pressure all of a sudden shot up.  I also had issues fainting and feeling weak.  My Dr ordered some tests and determined I needed to be in the hospital until delivery.  I spent 3 weeks in the hospital before I was able to deliver.  I didn't go into labor fast enough so we decided surgery was the best option.  We also decided, unfortunately, that we shouldn't have anymore children.  We are done with pregnancies and hormonal birth control now.  As sad as that is to us, as we had wanted a large family, it's good for my health.  So now, I can get healthy with no obstructions.  It's time to get down to business.  My highest weight now is 290lbs after having my daughter.  My goal weight is 145lbs.  I am literally losing half of me.
       I've signed up at a gym and am going daily.  I've been so sore, but it feels good to work out everyday. I am doing weight lifting, abs daily, and a little cardio each week.  I'm looking forward to the changes I'll start seeing soon.
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