December 7, 2011

Wednesday - Feeling Hormonal and Fat

They say you start showing sooner with each pregnancy and I guess it's true.  This is my fourth time to be this far along, and my 2nd since having our son.  I can feel the bump when I lay on my belly and my pants are fitting tighter.  Today was a bit depressing thanks to my hormones though.  I was just starting to feel good and like how I looked in my clothes and now I have a freakin' muffin top!  It'd be one thing if I LOOKED pregnant like my friend who is as far along as I am... but I just look fat.  No bump... just a spare tire out of no where.  It's frustrating and makes it hard for me to watch which foods I eat.  I keep wanting to reach for sweets since I'm gaining weight even while eating fruits, veggies, and lean meats.  *sigh*  Hopefully it's just hormones and I calm down about my body soon.  I really need to start working out each day but I am so exhausted and/or nauseous all day that I just want to lay down or sit on the couch and sip ginger ale and nibble saltines to keep from feeling sick.
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