September 8, 2011

Thursday - Sick... :0(

After two weeks of caring for a sick baby I catch the dang virus from the kid bagging my groceries at the store!  I'm not all too happy... but at least Little Bit is still sleeping a lot so I can catch a nap during the mornings.  I'm staying hydrated and trying to take it easy.  Today was a bit of a fail on that part since I ended up moving furniture... but I'll try to rest this evening and tomorrow.  Unfortunately I can't take medication for it.  Last time I took Thermaflu I hallucinated that I had wings.  I know I don't have wings so of course that freaked me the hell out!  Tylenol has been giving me similar dazed episodes so I'm trying to avoid it unless I just can't stand the pain anymore.  Thankfully I am not stopped up yet and my sinuses aren't killing me.  I'm hoping it doesn't get to that point but the Dr says this virus has been lasting 2-6 weeks for some patients.  6 WEEKS?!  Not cool!  The worst thing about being sick is I tend to eat a whole lot more than normal to keep my throat from burning and my stomach from churning.  I've done alright keeping to my points today by loading up on fruit, but I'm afraid I won't be able to keep it up into next week.  The sponginess of bread keeps my throat from feeling raw and my stomach from getting upset and we all know bread loads on the carbs and calories.  I might gain next week, but hopefully I won't be miserably sick.  Wish me luck!

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