September 10, 2011

Saturday - A Week of Sexiness

I am dedicating this week to owning my own sexiness.  I am not very comfortable in my body.  Most days spent at home I walk around fully clothed in pants and shirts.  I am always wearing panties and bras; I don't even sleep without undies on.  The only times I'm naked are when I take a hot bath or on the, admittedly rare, occasions that the hubby and I make love.  My honey on the other hand walks around in his robe all evening, and that's just because we have the blinds open.  Often I wish I was as confident and comfortable in my own skin as he is.  As I was relaxing in my bath last night and congratulating myself on going a whole week without going over my daily limit I thought, maybe I should make a week of being sexy next.

I decided I would wear sexy underwear, or no underwear at all, every day this week and on the days that I am home I'll actually wear all the sexy lingerie I own but never wear.  I've come a long way since I began losing weight and although my skin is becoming more saggy as the weight sheds away... my figure is finally back to the hour-glass shape I once had.  It's time I started enjoying the fruits of my labor and got comfortable in my own skin again.  My hope is this week's challenge will help me do just that.

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