September 24, 2011

Saturday - Hanging In There

I'm still hanging in there... I didn't lose any weight this week according to my at home weigh in.  My Weight Watcher's weigh in showed a 0.8lb loss.  Not stellar... but neither was my exercise this week.  I've been busy getting the garage cleared out before it snows, which is supposed to be TOMORROW by the way...  It's not done yet, but A.L.M.O.S.T!  It has been so hard getting all those boxes unpacked and everything sorted into keep, toss, donate, and sell.  I was finding papers dating back to 1st grade!  I have everything sorted now, save about 6 boxes; it just needs to be brought inside and upstairs or taken to the donation center.  Some of the boxes coming inside are REALLY heavy so I'm not looking forward to that, but it will be a great workout.  I really need to find a workout to do when I'm done unpacking boxes and moving furniture.  It won't be long {hopefully} before I am done getting the house settled and then what will I do?  I bought a kettle bell, weight ball, and trampoline today.  Hopefully I'll be able to work out with those everyday when it gets too cold to be outside.

Oh and I have BIG news to share but not just yet... when I am ready though, YOU will be the first to know.  All those readers on my Hippo with a Headband site will just have to hop over here if they want to know what's going on. Teehee!  Well, time to get some more work done.  I don't have much longer before it'll be too late to get the garage and upstairs finished.
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September 16, 2011

Friday - On the Subject of Sex

Since I am challenging myself to a Week of Sexiness to feel more comfortable in my new, and still changing, body, and since this blog is a journal, I figured I might chronicle my other problem with sexiness.  I have not had any kind of sex drive in at least 2 years.  It may have begun while I was pregnant even, but I don't have much memory of my pregnancy with Little Bit and I was in quite a lot of hip pain toward the end so obviously I wasn't in the mood.  Since Little Bit was born however my sex drive has been non-existent. There was been a time about four months after Little Bit was born that lasted about 2 weeks, and a time about a month after our miscarriage in January of this year that lasted a few days when my libido was through the roof!  It left as abruptly as it came however and my sex drive has been flat lined before and since.

I am currently seeing a psychologist and my gynecologist to search out all the possible reasons for this to happen to an otherwise healthy 26 year old woman.  I'm too young for it to be happening naturally and in all actuality I ought to be nearing my peak as my childbearing years are becoming slim.  Since I started puberty at 8 years old we are planning on having our last child by the time I am 30 just to be safe.  My Gyn. told me yesterday that I am a conundrum.  Most women have less of, or no, sex drive when progesterone is high, especially while using Depo Provera.  I however had a very high and healthy libido in college when I was on that birth control.  Technically, a woman's libido is at the highest during ovulation each month and progesterone stops all ovulation.  I should have had no libido at all but instead I was just fine.  My husband and I were having sex fairly often; while now we are lucky if I'm in the mood once a month.  That isn't normal... It's been pretty draining on our relationship as you can imagine.  And we all know stress leads to weight gain, particularly around the waist and rear like I have gained these last 3 years, so this is a problem that is effecting all areas of my life.

My Gyn. says he's going to talk with a specialist and see if they can figure out what my body is doing and in the meantime my psychologist has given me some charts so I can track my emotional and physical well being through the month to see if there is any sort of a pattern.  Wish me luck and I'll keep you updated!
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September 10, 2011

Saturday - A Week of Sexiness

I am dedicating this week to owning my own sexiness.  I am not very comfortable in my body.  Most days spent at home I walk around fully clothed in pants and shirts.  I am always wearing panties and bras; I don't even sleep without undies on.  The only times I'm naked are when I take a hot bath or on the, admittedly rare, occasions that the hubby and I make love.  My honey on the other hand walks around in his robe all evening, and that's just because we have the blinds open.  Often I wish I was as confident and comfortable in my own skin as he is.  As I was relaxing in my bath last night and congratulating myself on going a whole week without going over my daily limit I thought, maybe I should make a week of being sexy next.

I decided I would wear sexy underwear, or no underwear at all, every day this week and on the days that I am home I'll actually wear all the sexy lingerie I own but never wear.  I've come a long way since I began losing weight and although my skin is becoming more saggy as the weight sheds away... my figure is finally back to the hour-glass shape I once had.  It's time I started enjoying the fruits of my labor and got comfortable in my own skin again.  My hope is this week's challenge will help me do just that.

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September 8, 2011

Thursday - Sick... :0(

After two weeks of caring for a sick baby I catch the dang virus from the kid bagging my groceries at the store!  I'm not all too happy... but at least Little Bit is still sleeping a lot so I can catch a nap during the mornings.  I'm staying hydrated and trying to take it easy.  Today was a bit of a fail on that part since I ended up moving furniture... but I'll try to rest this evening and tomorrow.  Unfortunately I can't take medication for it.  Last time I took Thermaflu I hallucinated that I had wings.  I know I don't have wings so of course that freaked me the hell out!  Tylenol has been giving me similar dazed episodes so I'm trying to avoid it unless I just can't stand the pain anymore.  Thankfully I am not stopped up yet and my sinuses aren't killing me.  I'm hoping it doesn't get to that point but the Dr says this virus has been lasting 2-6 weeks for some patients.  6 WEEKS?!  Not cool!  The worst thing about being sick is I tend to eat a whole lot more than normal to keep my throat from burning and my stomach from churning.  I've done alright keeping to my points today by loading up on fruit, but I'm afraid I won't be able to keep it up into next week.  The sponginess of bread keeps my throat from feeling raw and my stomach from getting upset and we all know bread loads on the carbs and calories.  I might gain next week, but hopefully I won't be miserably sick.  Wish me luck!

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September 7, 2011

Wednesday - A Week of Discipline

I've decided to dedicated an entire week to eating discipline.  Last Saturday after my weigh in I filled out my dinner online and realized I was at exactly my daily limit.  Right then I decided to challenge myself to stay at or below my daily point limit for the whole week and not use any of my weekly point allowance.  I have been able to keep it up for 4 days so far but I've been hungry every day.  I suppose that's not such a bad thing if I am getting enough liquids, fruits, veggies, and protein each day.  It's just really annoying!  I weighed myself this morning and I was down 1.4lbs.  I've been losing 1/2 to 1 lb a week since being on Weight Watchers.  I just don't know if the extra 1/2 lb a week is worth feeling hungry every day. I haven't been able to concentrate on work or cleaning the house this whole week which is quite annoying too.  I guess I need to decide whether I want to get to my goal weight or get my house in order first.  Maybe the hunger will even out if I continue sticking to my daily point limit and eventually I won't be hungry all the time...

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